Mission and Goals

Our Vision

A strong social protection sector in Uganda that effectively addresses risks and vulnerabilities.

Our MIssion

To enhance the capacity of CSOs to effectively engage in development and implementation of social protection policies and programs at all levels in Uganda

Our Goal

To provide a harmonized, well-articulated voice and efforts by civil society on issues of social protection to inform development and implementation of effective social protection policy and programs for chronically poor people in Uganda

Strategic Objectives

  1. To promote increased awareness on social protection among CSOs, policy makers, politicians, local governments, professionals, and the general public.


  1. To engage on and influence equitable social protection policy implementation and its harmonization into national plans and budgets.


  1. To support a shared learning agenda on social protection at national, regional, and international levels.


  1. To strengthen the capacity of platform members to effectively participate in social protection policy debates and implementation of social protection programs at all levels.

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